How exactly does the service work?

Legal services through the Steadfast Law program are performed remotely. Once you are a subscriber, you’ll be able to submit unlimited requests through our easy to use online portal, where all communications and documents are exchanged. We may reach out to you by phone occasionally to discuss details and/or best strategies for what needs to be accomplished.

As an active subscriber, your legal work will be performed by our full-service, long established, and trusted Northwest Indiana Law Firm, Burke Costanza & Carberry LLP.

The best way to utilize your subscription is to be proactive with your legal needs. Don’t wait until something goes wrong. Get all sorts of advice, as well as documents/contracts/leases reviewed before they become a problem.

Will I ever be charged extra?

If the work falls within the scope of services listed on our homepage you will not be charged extra for any of our services, except where extra expenses are indicated or if the service is listed as a discount.

If any work requested or recommended falls outside of the scope of services. we will discuss your options, including discounted hourly rates.

What is the sign up process?
  1. You will enter all of your business’ information and your credit card information on our Sign Up page to apply for your subscription. Your credit card will not be charged for 5 days to give us time to perform a conflict of interests check.
  2. After a conflict of interests check is performed, your subscription will either be approved or denied.
  3. Once your subscription is approved, an attorney-client relationship will begin and you’ll have access to utilize our services through our easy and efficient online portal.
What is a conflict of interests check?

Attorneys are not ethically allowed to represent clients on both sides of any type of dispute, negotiation, etc. We use the information you provided on the sign up form to search our system to make sure we do not currently represent any clients that would cause a conflict of interest to occur. If there is a conflict of interest, no attorney-client relationship can exist.

Can I cancel any time?

Yes, you can cancel any time from your account page. However, once your subscription is inactive you will no longer have access to the online portal or the discount on any hourly services you may need.

Your online portal is where new legal requests are made as well as a history of your current and previous legal requests.

Can I change plans?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade from and to our Basic and Small Business plans at any time on your account page.

Since our Real Estate Investor subscription plan is a unique type of plan, there is no upgrade or downgrade option from or to that plan. You can cancel your current subscription and subscribe to a different plan if you’d like.

What if my credit card expires, my number changes, or is declined?

When your credit card gets declined your subscription will become inactive. Go to your account page where you can take the necessary steps to get your subscription active again.

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