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Real Estate Investor Legal Subscriptions

Chad W. Nally

Are you an Indiana Real Estate Investor,
often with questions and landlord tenant issues?

Steadfast Law’s Real Estate Investor Indiana Legal Subscription can help you with all of your landlord-tenant needs. We have experienced Indiana Real Estate Attorneys who can assist from business and legal advice all the way through evictions.

Property Owners & Property Managers

Whether you have one rental or a large apartment community, whether you are a property owner or a property management company, Steadfast Law will provide the personal service that you and your business deserve.

Discounts on Every Eviction

As a Steadfast Law subscriber, you as a a landlord or property owner in Indiana, will receive discounts on every eviction of tenants who have failed to meet the terms of the lease or rental agreement.

Even though you may read that an Indiana eviction is not as complex as other states, the eviction process must follow specific steps. This is where the evictions attorneys at Steadfast Law can step in and ensure the best outcome.

Experienced Real Estate Attorneys

With a Steadfast Law Subscription, you’ll have the backing of Burke Costanza & Carberry’s experienced Indiana Real Estate Lawyers, who understand the nuances of the law and will assist you with all the issues real estate investors and landlords run into.

Lease Review with Suggested Edits

We will throughly review your lease agreement as a first step towards preventing future disputes to save you from headaches in the future.

A Valuable Subscription

Here’s what our Real Estate Investor Subscription includes

About Us

Burke Costanza & Carberry LLP

You’ll have the backing of a full-service and long established Indiana Law Firm based in Northwest Indiana. We currently represent clients throughout Indiana and Illinois. Even if we are physically distant from your small business, you can be confident you’ll receive outstanding legal services. 

Burke Costanza & Carberry LLP was formed in January of 1998 through the merger of two of Northwest Indiana’s oldest and most distinguished law firms.

The firm’s attorneys understand that there are professional and personal aspects of the attorney-client relationship; while its lawyers serve as advocates and counselors in resolving legal issues, the firm’s attorneys also have a understanding of clients’ personal concerns as well.

BCC intends to retain the strength of tradition while anticipating and responding to the changing needs of its clients. The common purpose of its lawyers is the provision of value-added legal services to its clients….   and that’s where this legal subscription service comes in.

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Why A Subscription?

The Way It Should Be

Be Proactive…
Instead of When It Hits the Fan

Why wait until something goes wrong, when it would cost multiples more to fix? Be proactive….

Get your leases reviewed with suggested edits before they become problems.

Get your “Notice to Quit” notices drafted and mailed before you make a mistake on them.

Get advice regarding legal issues, including questions regarding moratoriums and state/local assistance for tenants before you make a mistake that will cost you in the long run.

Make sure your business is setup correctly before it is too late or too expensive to fix.

You’re Not Just a Number…
We’re Advisors On YOUR Whole Business

You’ll submit your questions, documents, etc. through our efficient online portal but….

We’ll be reaching out to you by phone to discuss all the specifics.

We’ll analyze the situation and make sure it is the best course of action.

We want to help you make your business the best that it can be.

Not Just Legal Help…
Business Advice

We’re not just attorneys, we’re on your side as business advisors….

Have a business idea? Bounce your idea off us!

Make sure your accounts receivable process is as good as it can be.

Get access to monthly seminars on various releant legal topics to landlords.

The Advisors you want. The Advocates you need.

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